Bike Shorts Attack From The Track

bike shorts | black boots oversized blazer 90s work wear | Girlfriend is Better
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Sometimes we feel a little behind trend because it takes some time to get crafted into a plausible style. Once we started seeing bike shorts paired with blazers and oversized tees, we jumped on board. Take a look at how to style the most comfortable version of athletic wear for this transitional season.

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Bike Shorts + Mixed Prints

Heading into Fall, we are back on the mixed prints bandwagon with even greater passion and zeal. Look for bike shorts in your favorite animal print and accessorize like crazy. Check out our hip hop statement pieces from the 90s for inspirstion. Add a vintage windbreaker and you are officially ready to roll.

bike shorts | cheetah print mixed windbreaker tourist bucket hat | Girlfriend is Better
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Put yr ear pods in and wander the streets to this soundtrack for days.

Spruce Up With a Blazer

If your going on vacation or even just need to run errands in style, add a fresh blazer. Choose a blazer that just barely covers your bum for total confidence when sporting bike shorts. Check out our favorite double-breasted blazers and top handle purses for a look that is oh so pulled together. We are wondering if this look is also acceptable in the office?

bike shorts | white oversized double-breasted blazer felt hat top handle purse | Girlfriend is Better
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90s Grunge Layers

Another figure-friendly idea is to use a layering technique. Pair your bike shorts with a looser pair of shorts that are shorter. The result is totally 90s and totally cool. Rock this look with a vintage tee or an oversized sweatshirt and finish with your favorite tennis shoe of choice.

bike shorts | 90s layered layering oversized sweatshirt Fanta Converse | Girlfriend is Better
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Try Them in White

It’s after Labor Day but we wear all white all year round, so who’s looking? Your bike shorts can also shimmy in white and we suggest pairing them with an oversized tee. Perfect for casual outings or for hanging around the house. Our two favorite activities.

white bike shorts | oversized graphic tee doc martens | Girlfriend is Better
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Desert Princess

For girls who love see through purses, slips on the outside, and sheer blouses, we’ve got another peek-a-boo item to add to your repertoire. Mesh bike shorts look super rad with a band tee and black work boots. Top it off with a sailor cap or beret and go punk it out already!

black mesh bike shorts | graphic tee lieutenant cap boots alternative fashion | Girlfriend is Better
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Okay, that earlier question was rhetorical because you can totally get away with this style at work. The trick is to pair your bike shorts with a super structured, long blazer. The heavier the blazer fabric, the better. This is how we are pulling a look that started in warm months towards the cool. Tiny sunglasses optional.

bike shorts | oversized blazer wool camel tiny sunglasses work wear | Girlfriend is Better

Long + Short of it

The last thing to consider is length. Opt for shorter bike shorts when you’re out to play and stick to lengths that fall right above the knee for work. If you’re young or spend more than two hours a day at the gym go ahead and sport a waist-length top. Otherwise, look just as good and tres fashionable with longer tees and jackets. We want you to wear this look with total confidence!

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