Moroccan Lamps Add a Touch of Romance

Moroccan lamps romantic Bohemian eclectic decor | Girlfriend is Better
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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Bohemian eclectic touches are perfect for setting the mood. Items from Turkey and Morocco add an exotic element to your home without breaking the bank! Moroccan lamps are especially romantic, with ornate metal carvings and colored glass. Create a luxurious atmosphere anywhere in your home by taking your candlelight up a notch.

Moroccan lamps beautiful Bohemian eclectic home decor | Girlfriend is Better
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Dress Up an Entryway

Looking for something a little more unique than the tired, old chandelier? Large Moroccan lamps welcome guests with a not-so-subtle presence. Talk about a conversation piece! Ceiling pendants add beautiful texture and design to an otherwise plain and unnoticed area of your home.

Moroccan lamps dress up any entryway | Bohemian eclectic decor | Girlfriend is Better
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Hang in Multiples

I love Turkish restaurants with lanterns hanging in mass from the ceiling. Mosaic lamps are especially beautiful with all of the colors reflecting around the room. Add this same charm to an empty corner with Moroccan lamps in multiple sizes. This is great Feng Shui as light attracts energy and enhances often neglected spaces.

Moroccan lamps in multiple sizes hanging | Bohemian eclectic decor | Girlfriend is Better
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Moroccan Lamps for Bedroom Romance

Looking to add a little more romance to a bedroom? Using Bohemian elements like Moroccan lamps adds an exotic touch. If you are lucky enough to travel to the East, this is the perfect souvenir to bring home! There is something romantic about the desert and Arabian nights especially.

Moroccan lamps add romance to a bedroom | Bohemian eclectic decor | Girlfriend is Better
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Dress Up a Tree

When the weather clears up, be sure to add a couple to a tree. Nothing could be more charming than a few delicate Moroccan lamps ornamenting a branch or two. Try something a little different from the old string of lights routine as you introduce a little character to your yard!

Hang Moroccan lamps from a tree | Bohemian eclectic decor | Girlfriend is Better
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Warm Up a Patio

Lighting makes such a difference indoors and outdoors. A home is not complete without exterior lighting! Throw pillows and Moroccan lamps create an easy Bohemian ambiance. Soft lighting and cozy seating make any outdoor gathering a little more special.

Moroccan lamps cozy up a Bohemian patio | Girlfriend is Better
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Best Selection Around

Not plans to travel to Turkey or Morocco any time soon? Never fear, we found some gorgeous Moroccan lamps at our local World Market. They just introduced some beautiful white hanging and tabletop lanterns to their collection. Here are our favorites!

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White Metal Amira Finial Hanging Lantern | Cost Plus World MarketWhite Metal Filigree Tabletop Lantern | Cost Plus World MarketZinc Filigree Pari Hanging Lantern | Cost Plus World Market

Warm Candlelight + Dreamy Atmosphere

The worst time of the day is when the sun glares into your home and exposes every speck of dust available. Using soft lighting, like night lights, candles, and lanterns creates the opposite effect. People look more beautiful, your home looks more inviting, and imperfections are glossed over. Moroccan lanterns make the light dance on walls and off leaves in beautiful, fanciful patterns. Whether you choose a handmade mosaic with lots of color, or a delicate metal cutout, the right lighting is the perfect mood setter.

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  1. I had never thought of hanging lanterns in mass from the ceiling to enhance neglected spaces. My home has a few different spots where the light doesn’t reach and I find myself naturally avoiding those places. I’ll have to look into hanging Moroccan lanterns there.

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