Balloon Sleeves Are Puffed Up in Pride

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Sometimes pride is a good thing. Like how you feel dolled up with balloon sleeves in a Spring party dress. This sleeve style is large and puffy with a fitted cuff. Some sleeves are puffier than others, it’s up to you to determine how much is too much.

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Balloon Sleeves Pair With Denim

If you love a puff shoulder or sleeve, you aren’t stuck with dresses. There are a myriad of pretty blouses with balloon sleeves you can rock with jeans. Look for a feminine floral print and 80s-style waistlines. Belt-tie jeans are all the rage and a signet ring (or 2) are all the accessories you need.

balloon sleeves | floral print puff shoulders 80s high waist denim | Girlfriend is Better
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Oversize Me

This sleeve style is also a staple ingredient to this season’s Spring dresses. Voluminous white or light pink dresses need balloon sleeves for balance. This looks is best with a shorter hem and flats. Your footwear can be as casual as you like which should be music to your ears.

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definitely digging this snippet and the title applies.

Parisian Chic

You will gravitate towards a puff sleeve if you dig Parisian style or 80s street chic. French girls know how to give balloon sleeves a touch of elegance. Look for fitted varieties in jacquard or satin fabric. Take a look at & Other Stories Puff Sleeve Wrap Top for a perfect example. You will love the gorgeous fabric and vibrant blue color.

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How to Accessorize

Take a hint from our article on plain white dresses and definitely pair these dress styles with your favorite tennis shoes. Voluminous dresses with balloon sleeves are so eye-catching, it’s good to downplay the drama when accessorizing. A large top handle purse completes the look when you’re ready to head outside. Dropped shoulder seams also work great with a fuller sleeve in general.

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Fully Flattering

Another perk to the sleeve style is that it looks good on just about everyone. Longer balloon sleeves are the most flattering, since they don’t stop at the largest part of your arm. If you like showing a little skin you can also push the longer sleeves up midway. Look for a sleeve that is has more volume by the cuff for best effects.

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In The Trenches

Also think about punching up a standard (or not-so-standard) trench coat. Trenches are rocking balloon sleeves and they are looking good. Pair with your favorite modern grunge styles for a high-brow, low-brow mashup. An oversized clutch matches the slouchy sleeves perfectly.

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Puff, Puff, Pass

It’s nice to stay bundled up in Spring weather. Balloon sleeves are puffy and roomy and make you feel like you are wearing a cloud. Get outside after a rainstorm and breath in fresh air. Puff sleeves won’t tie you down and make any outing a little footloose and fancy-free.

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