Hexagons: Time to Think Outside of the Box

Hexagon mirrors in honeycomb design | Mid-century modern decor | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: West Elm

As you get organized this Spring, think outside of the box. Literally! Hexagons are a proven way to break flat spaces into little units most efficiently. Think of a honeycomb, the product of one of the most efficient creatures around – the honey bee! This is known as the honeycomb conjecture. We’ve compiled some of our favorite uses of this surprisingly versatile shape. The sky is the limit and once you get a little “geometric inspiration”, you will start using it everywhere!

Crystal Bohemian Honeycomb Cubes graphic by Micklyn | Hexagon home decor | Girlfriend is Better
Crystal Bohemian Honeycomb Cubes by Micklyn

hexagons Are Too Hip to Be Square

Geometric shapes are hugely popular right now as mid-century modern decor is back in the limelight. Hexagons give a hip, artistic vibe and yet are grounded in mathematical practicality. The balance between the two makes for an interesting backdrop inside or outside your home.

Honeycomb backdrop is a gorgeous use of the practical hexagon | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: domino

Organize Your Work Space Creatively

When you’re ready to get organized, your work space is an easy place to start.  Find shelving units in hexagons and arrange them into a honeycomb pattern on your wall.  Free up some much needed desk space and add a little creative interest at the same time!  Keep items that you like to have handy, but don’t use often in a fun geometric form.

Hexagon shelving to organize a work space creatively | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Curbly

Baby, You Know It!

Got a baby on the way? The nursery is another perfect place to use hexagons for shelving. Create a pretty little mosaic using succulents and baby trinkets instead of framed art. This gives the baby’s room a little more creativity and adds some visual interest for the baby!

Hexagons for shelving in the nursery | decor by Isla Jean | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Glitter Guide

An Update on Beadboard

Beadboard has been a popular way to add some dimension to a room. An update on the traditional beadboard is to frame wood hexagons around patches of color. Mandy, from Vintage Revivals, has a nice DIY tutorial on how to cut wood into the perfect hexagon shapes. Her finished hex wall is inspiration for sure!

Hexagons are a fresh update to beadboard | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Vintage Revivals

Sans Wood

If carpentry just isn’t your thing, scrap it and use stencils instead. You can have a lot of fun creating your own geometric pattern on a wall using hexagons. You can take up as much or as little space as you like. We especially love little murals that omit pieces to create a staggered effect. You can make the shape look almost like a lovely vine creeping up a wall.

Stencil hexagons up a wall to create a lovely mural | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: goody25

Tile: Almost TOO Easy

The initial go-to for honeycomb patterns is tile. It’s readily found in bathrooms and kitchen back splashes alike. Since we’re focusing on being a little creative, try using tile to break up wood patterns instead. This is a perfect treatment for heavy traffic areas and give an otherwise plain floor some character!

Tile in hexagons break up the monotony of a wood floor | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: greyskymorning via tumblr

Reflect Something Beautiful

Mirrors are good Feng Shui as they work to double the energy of whatever they reflect. Honeycomb mirror patterns are not a good idea in areas where you will be using them for your own reflection. It breaks your image up and has a negative impact on you. Use hexagons that reflect plants or other pretty items in your home instead. Mirror tiles that are tinted in soft rose colors are especially beautiful. We found some affordable hexagon mirror tiles in both colors at IKEA, if you’re interested.

Rose colored hexagons reflect plants beautifully | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Planete Deco

We Love Wallpaper

Wallpaper in geometric patterns add instant impact to any room. If you want your paper to outlast the trend, find a pattern that alludes to a honeycomb shape. You can implement the pattern suggestively using other shapes that create a subconscious hexagon pattern. Another idea is to find a wallpaper print with hexagons staggered in an interesting way. Dark colors look especially striking with patterns done with thicker shapes. It’s up to you to be as traditional or abstract as you like.

Wallpaper with bold hexagons add impact to a room | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Home Decorators Collection

Our Best Hexagon Finds

We did a little digging and found the best way to get these looks online. Our goal is to give you a little inspiration and then make implementing ideas easy! Here are are favorite hexagons that upscale your home and stay on a budget. Many of our finds are online exclusive; and we try to find the best items that are on sale, too.

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Those Bees Are on the Something!

According to Robert Krulwich, bees ultimately use hexagons because the shape economizes both labor and materials. The smart way to organize or decorate is to follow suit! Building your home decor should be a fun project that is cost-effective. Let us know if you have any other good tips for this smart geometric shape. We’d love to hear them!

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  1. I love hexagons! I even painted an accent wall in my daughter’s room. It was a great way to add to her space and an accent wall that I think will grow with her!

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