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If you’re doing a remodel or are just looking to freshen up your space, we suggest you take your gaze upward. Hanging pendant lamps can be a little bit tricky but we’ve got some ideas to get you thinking about the ceiling space in your home. Beautiful glass or vintage options can fill in some dead space and brighten up your interior quickly.

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How to Choose Pendant Lamps

Once you get a feeling for the different kinds of lights and have established the decor style of your space, it’s time to pick a room. Before choosing pendant lamps, you need to measure the height of your ceiling. Take the shapes in the room into consideration—especially the shape of a table if you’re hanging anything above it. If you’re hanging multiple lamps in a row, they should be at least 30 inches apart (or double the width of each light).

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Unique Glass Options

Also, give your typical home decor store a rest and shop around for unique styles. Glass pendant lamps can add so much character to a room. We love mid-century modern styles and creative options that can be found on Etsy. Supporting artists and craftspeople in this way is ideal.

Photo courtesy: NoaRazerStudio via Etsy

Bohemian Eclectic Layers

If you have already read our Feng Shui guide, you know that filling in corners promotes positive energy flow. Take a page out of Bohemian eclectic living and hang multiple pendant lamps in tiered heights. The end result is a fun and funky chandelier effect and can be quite a conversation starter. We like this style next to entryway benches, in kitchens full of open shelving, and in dead space by stairways.

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Minimalist/ Hygge Styles

If that much maximalism makes you uncomfortable, a simple light will also work well. We love single pendant lamps with natural shades that soften an otherwise stark dining space. Learn how to decorate using hygge principles or how to pare down the clutter with minimalism. Then give your room a lot of thought when choosing a light and take the less-is-more approach. Lovely above a simple bistro table, don’t you think?

pendant lamps | Girlfriend is Better | Hygge natural decor accordion pleated shade bistro table
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The 30 Inches Guideline

Another thing to note when determining the best lights is the space between the bottom of the light and the top of the table. Usually, pendant lamps should be hung about 30 inches above a table to maximize light and minimize being in the way. Kitchen lighting should always be higher than eye level when sitting.

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Clearly, We Love Lamp

Lighting can also be understated and blend into the background with clear glass covers. Think about the cord that your pendant lamps are hanging from and consider lovely chain styles. This can soften space next to a fireplace, in a home office, or double as a reading light next to a favorite lounge chair.

pendant lamps | Girlfriend is Better | mid-century modern glass shade gold chain living room corner
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DIY If You Dare

For you DIY types, updating lighting is fairly straightforward. Take a photo of the wire connections before removing any old lights and hanging pendant lamps. Employ a helper, if possible, and take every precaution. The Spruce has a nice step-by-step tutorial but a big disclaimer from us for anyone attempting to work with electricity (shudder). But we support you and we salute you!

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