Oversized Trench Coats Blame it on The Rain

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They say, “necessity is the mother of invention”. Oversized fashion requires oversized trench coats to provide the roominess needed to manage inclement weather in style. Trenches are long in length and will be sure to keep you warm and dry as you dash from house to essential business and back.

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Oversized Trench Coats Own It

A raincoat is a closet staple in the Fall and Winter. The benefit of upgrading towards oversized trench coats is that the style is practical and timeless. Look for a vintage-inspired sheath with wide lapels and optional belt. The length should fall below the knew to protect pant legs from getting damp.

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Modern Details

Trench coats seem fairly simple in neutral colors and simple lines. There is more than meets the eye when it comes to the detailing of oversized trench coats. Look for dropped shoulder seams to help keep bulky sweaters from bunching up. Additionally, large square pockets are a hands-free way to stash essentials or contribute to extra warmth. Accessorize with this season’s chunky black boots and then head on out.

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Make An Adjustment

Sometimes it can be easy to get lost in oversized menswear. When wearing oversized trench coats, consider cinching up the waist with a belt or tie. The end result is voluminous and feminine and helps wide collars frame your face. Hooded trenches help you stay prepared for any weather condition so make sure your has plenty of room as well. If you can find a coat that has adjustable lengths then props— you really are a girl who likes to be prepared.

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Cinched Cuffs

Another little detail worth mentioning helps keep your sleeves warm and dry. Look for oversized trench coats with belted cuffs, which can be tightened slightly after you put it on. If you rarely find yourself layering in neutrals, a long roomy guy in black might also be just the ticket. We especially love this style over high-water denim and classic Converse. Street chic that is both practical and punk rock.

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Fine Fabrics

Another thing to consider with a not-so-classic trench is the fabric that it is made of. Think outside of the classic twill box as oversized trench coats look terrific in vintage-inspired fabrics and cuts. Dig a gaberdine beauty straight out of grandpa’s closet in a thick wool if you covet warmth more than rain protection. Alternatively, a waterproof raincoat made from polyurethane or patent polyester might make more sense as ideal rain gear.

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Love Me Some Layers

For working gals sporting oversized blazers and such, think about your coat like you would a 3-piece suit. Top off head-to-toe workwear with oversized trench coats in a matching color. The monochromatic look can make any out fit look twice as pulled together. White tennis shoes help keep the outfit from being too daunting and enable to you dash in and out of cover in a flash.

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Straight Lines

Finally, one last thing to pay attention to when shopping for an updated coat is the bottom hem. Hems should be straight and practical and hit mid-calf or just below the knee. The overall lines of your coat should be fairly straight, with the option to add some shape with belted waists or cuffs. The size should be roomy in the shoulders and sleeves for proper layering. The simpler the cut of your coat, the longer it will last among the trends of the (rainy) day.

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  1. The Marine Corps issued me a stylish over-sized rain coat… they called it a ‘poncho’. It was also great for when you find yourself having to sleep in a rainstorm in the jungle. It’s like having your own little house. 😉

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