Plant Minimalism Gives Your Home A Little Breathing Room

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As winter fall upon us and light starts drifting in softly through windows we need to think about dialing back our plant life. In addition to streamlining decor, using plant minimalism in our homes encourages healthier air and simple living. Bring a sense of peace and calm into your environment with thoughtful touches of nature.

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Plant Minimalism Goes Boho

Create a peaceful nook with a sturdy bamboo chair and side table. One of the biggest benefits of plant minimalism is that it encourages you to toss out old, dead plants and keep only the best and brightest around. Jade succulents are easy to keep happy with minimal care. Warm up the space with a cozy macrame wall hanging and a throw pillow you can nestle into with a good book.

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Focus on Feng Shui

When deciding where to put that perfect little plant, consider using Feng Shui. Plant minimalism works in perfect harmony as Feng Shui tends to focus on the “less is more” approach. Wake up stagnant corners high and low with an energy-attracting plant that breathes new life into any room. Hanging plants and even little kokedama help draw the eye upward and can be a pretty little detail in a window or over a doorway.

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Cure For a Black Thumb

If you’re a little challenged when I comes to plant life, it might be a good idea to start with some lovely greenery that can survive abuse or neglect fairly well. Some of the prettiest houseplants are the most robust and beg for minimalism as they steal the show on their own. Some of our favorites are: rubber plants, Monstera deliciosa, and many patterned foliage varieties. Take note of which plants grow upward and which ones grow outward and plan accordingly.

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Pink + Florals

Nothing softens up a bare window like a gorgeous bloom. Use plant minimalism to cheer up a winter window or brighten a forgotten corner. Pink plants provide color year-round and generally require medium sunlight and minimal watering. Most plants die as a result of overwatering so we highly recommend the tiny investment of a water gauge. You can purchase one at your local nursery and it will tell you if your plant is thirsty or drowning. Simply insert the tip of the stake 2-3 inches into the soil and you’ll know exactly what to do next.

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Wood Element

Another Feng Shui principle to consider when working with plant life is the introduction of the wood element. You can introduce the concept of abundance with plant minimalism by thinking smarter about placement and pottery. The wood element helps promote upward growth and unlike the other elements, you can not overdo it with wood. Style a sideboard with a pretty, broad-leafed plant and use a wood planter to boot. The resulting effect will be personal growth in that center and an added does of energy. Let the leaves do all the talking and exercise massive restraint when decorating.

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Creating Minimal Vignettes

When creating a vignette based on simplicity, one plant and some abstract art is all you need. Use plant minimalism to draw the eyes attention to a beautiful painting or to help fill in some negative space. Plants soften the look and we love the idea of bringing the stillness of a random portrait to life. Display a favorite treasure from your travels and this little setup will bring you joy every time you walk by.

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One And Done

Plants do much to fill space and emit positive vibes. During winter season, it is best to use plant minimalism and dial back your watering. Create a still life throughout your home and evoke the peace of Mother Nature into your environment. You will benefit from the relaxation and be more stress-free as a result.

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