Fame + Reputation: Make an Impact w. Feng Shui

Red, yellow and orange decor | Enhance the fame + reputation center of your home | Feng Shui guide | Girlfriend is Better
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No matter what you do for a living, first impressions are always important.  A first impression gets your foot in the door, but a good reputation earns repeat business.  Use Feng Shui to help you be more mindful of the impact you have on other people.  Building a good reputation earns respect from adults and children alike.

Fire elements to enhance fame + reputation | Feng Shui | Girlfriend is Better
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Referral-Based Business

Need to build your business?  The Fame and Reputation center is especially important for anyone who works in a business that relies heavily on referrals or their image.  Real estate agents, photographers, actors and the like should pay extra attention to the rear center of their homes.  Check out the bagua article if you need help locating this center.

Fame + recognition center enhancements | Feng Shui | Girlfriend is Better
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Reputation is Like a Shadow

Building a strong reputation for yourself is no easy task.  It requires effort, energy, and behavior that is consistent with ideals you believe in.  Much of a person’s success is connected to their level of influence.  Respect, genuineness and reciprocation are all aspects of a good reputation.

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There’s no Such Thing as Bad Publicity

The element for Fame and Reputation is fire.  Fire is a high-energy element and is illuminating and entrancing.  Think of the power fire carries and of the quick and growing movement as well.  This would be the best area in your home for a fireplace if you are looking to be noticed!  We covered this in our fireplace Feng Shui article earlier this month if you need some ideas.

Fireplaces are perfect for the fame and reputation center | Feng Shui decor guide | Girlfriend is Better
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Create a Visual Fire

If you don’t have a fireplace here, you can create a visual fire. Use red as the main color in this area of your home and accent with orange, yellow, and green.  In your office, this would be the ideal place to hang your diplomas or trophies or anything that symbolizes your accomplishments.  Additional enhancements include:

  • Tall, healthy plants
  • A standing lamp or light that directs upward
  • Candles, lanterns, any fire source
  • Artwork of the sun, or art in fiery colors
  • Items that remind you of people you admire that have gained the kind of reputation you are seeking
Designer Mattia Bonetti creates a perfect fame + recognition center | Feng Shui | Girlfriend is Better
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Remove Water + Wet Blankets

This is not the area for water!  Remove any items that discourage you or remind you of people that have poor reputations.  If you have a bathroom in this area, use a red nightlight or burn red candles and keep those drains and toilet seat closed.  The goal is to keep a healthy energy going that will motivate you and inspire you as well.  Water elements will only create burnouts.

Feng Shui enhancements for fame + recognition | Girlfriend is Better
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Get a Little Recognition

We all have areas in our life that we would like recognition for.  Success is obtainable as a parent, a business person, or an artist.  Enhance this area if you’re needing a compliment or a good review! Why not? Both are encouraging and motivating and you deserve it.

Parents deserve recognition too! | Feng Shui decor guide | Girlfriend is Better
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A Clean Slate

I’ve always been a believer in anyone’s ability to shape other people’s impression of themselves. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past, or where you’ve come from. You make an impact on people today.  What do you want to be known for?  The recognition you’d like to have can be manifested in this area of your home. Give yourself permission to start fresh and be who you want to be.

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