Spring Dresses Get The Royal Treatment

Spring dresses with embroidery details | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Pasa Boho

The days are finally warm enough where you might be willing to bare your legs again. Easter shopping gets everyone back in the mood for pretty Spring dresses that will multitask at showers and weddings. An otherwise basic dress turns into a closet treasure with details like hand stitching or peek-a-boo eyelets. Here are a few of our favorites that will inspire you to tap into your girly side.

Sheer Spring dresses with lace and embroidery | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy; Late Afternoon

Spring Dresses + Sandals

This year, Spring dresses build on the idea of upgrading your look by downgrading your effort. We’re tying up our hair with these head scarf ideas, accessorizing with straw purses (perfect for shopping farmer’s markets), and getting back to basics with all white outfits. It’s all about keeping things simple and easy in the wardrobe department and adding in natural details as a bonus. If your basic cotton dress has handmade touches like lace or embroidery, what more do you really need?

Simple cotton Spring dresses with embroidery and lace | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Buzz Tendency

Eye For Details

Eyelets are the demure way of leaving more to the imagination. Intricate cutouts turn Spring dresses into wardrobe staples for special events. ‘Tis the season for baby / bridal showers and eyelet lace is a nice way to grab attention without stealing the show. Find a beauty in florals or linen fabric and you will be wearing it for years to come. These types of dresses never go out of style!

Spring dresses made pretty with eyelets + floral prints | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Hello Fashion

Wrap Yourself in Roses

Embroidery is the ultimate upgrade to any fabric. Chambray and cotton Spring dresses instantly become princess-approved couture when dotted with embroidered florals. Roses pull on our sentimental heart strings here at GF, since our grandma used to have them flocking her country home. Pick a flower that brings you happy memories and find a dress that works it well. Take a sheer dress to the next level or give a simple dress some real country charm.

Floral embroidery on chambray Spring dresses | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Beginning Boutique

Mini Minimal Mindful

When it comes to Spring Dresses, try to use the 3 M’s. Mini, Minimal, Mindful.  Now say it 5 times fast! Mini applies to the details, not the length. Buttons, lace, eyelets, and other details are sweeter when they’re smaller. As we’re heading towards summer, it’s also time to pare down and get back to basics. Simple fabrics and one or two accessories work best when you’ve got a lot of detailing you’re trying to show off. Get inspired by our article on minimalism to find the abundance of less. When it comes to embroidery, the rules for patches also apply. Be aware of blocks of stitching on your body.

Minimal embroidery Spring dresses | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Bittersweet Colours

Forget the Waist

Another trend we are seeing in Spring dresses right now is an empire waist or no waist at all! Be aware that dresses without a waist are known as “tent” or “muumuu”, so make sure yours doesn’t wear like either. Gotta’ have that girlish figure come through first and foremost. Alternatively, you can take a hint from Lindsay Marcella’s Easy Breezy article and tuck that bad boy into a pair of shorts!

Spring dresses with no waist | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Lindsay Marcella

Ace Up Your Sleeve

Sleeves work best with short hemlines if you’re going to a semi-formal or cocktail event. If you’re looking at Spring dresses that are a little shorter, opt for the version with bell or bishop sleeves. This is a nice style from the 60’s that also works beautifully with eyelet dresses. Long sleeves give a short dress instant modesty status that is preferable at tasteful events. Planet Blue has a great selection of long sleeve dresses in mini and maxi styles that you should check out. Also, as long as you’re not at a bridal shower or wedding, all white is absolutely a “Do” in our book!

All white eyelet Spring dresses | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Planet Blue

Fresh Pressed Like a Million Bucks

Truly, we mean it when we say these little guys are keepers. Spring dresses with handcrafted details are worth taking good care of. Be sure to dry clean only, even if it says hand wash. Keep everything in primo condition (and irons just never get the job done as well as a professional presser). Helpful hint: add Woolite Dry Clean Sheets to your next Amazon order. They work in the same fashion as dry shampoo. Not for every time, but prolongs those trips and saves you a little cash. (Only because we care.)

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