Jello Salads: A Slice of American History

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The early to mid-1900s was simple and full of vintage charm. Jello salads were the star of any dinner party. Jello molds instantly draw visions of the perfect nuclear family and their lives. Desserts were extravagant looking and very creative. Gelatin was highly practical and alluring for the times but often had some peculiar flavor profiles.

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Humble Beginnings

America found its obsession with jello in the early 1900s. Jello salads were perfect for preserving foods and enticing the appetite. Consequently, they were perfect for the start of an era where food was scarce. Additionally, instant jello was a new invention that intrigued the masses. Quickly growing into a kitchen staple, people were eager to suspend anything within its transparent grasp.

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Practical Preservation

It wasn’t all white picket fences and dinner parties. Jello salads moved into the spotlight thanks to their practicality. Jello became essential in the post-war era because of its ability to preserve foods and make excellent use of canned foods. People began to throw whatever they had left over into a mold. In the end, people grew to love these strange concoctions and gelatin desserts prospered well past the hard times.

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Simply Sweet

Sweet jello is what the modern world has grown accustomed to. Jello salads come in multiple flavors; the most popular varieties being sweet. Most vintage recipes you find will include canned pineapple or fruit cocktail. If you want to try a recipe for yourself, feel free to check out The Kitchn for a tasty dessert that includes strawberries and cream. For a more refreshing twist, use fresh fruits to add a bit of texture and vibrant color to your jello.

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Not For The Feint of Heart

Now we’re bordering on the more interesting aspect of these jello molds. The more savory flavors of jello salads were created for the preservation of foods. They were inspired by aspic; concealed meat stock with morsels of meat suspended within. However, unlike traditional aspics, these savory fillings were still suspended in a sweet lime flavored jelly.

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Starving Socialites

Glistening with intricate geometric shapes and curves that caught the eye of any dinner guest. Jello salads were the pinnacle of high society dinner parties. In place of bouquets, the centerpiece of the table was often a fancy jello mold. Although they have fallen from popularity they have become a vintage novelty that still amazes guests.

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Nostalgic Novelty

These jello molds are perfect for anyone obsessed with 1950’s vintage aesthetic. Jello salads are perfect for any vintage themed parties. Kick it really old school with a classic Tupperware party with a jello mold as the crown jewel. These molds are packed with charm. They remind us of an iconic American era.

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Jello Salads: Historic Delicacy

These jello molds are easy on the eyes and the stomach. Jello salads have withstood the test of time with their interesting designs and recipes. For example, they’re synonymous with the vintage era we’ve all come to know and love. In addition, they are perfect for anyone who has a passion for American history. Have a slice of American history and have a slice of a vintage jello mold.

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